Pervious Concrete Technology

Pervious concrete is a mix of:

  • Portland cement
  • Coarse aggregate
  • Water
  • Admixtures

Because there is little or no sand in the mix, the pore structure contains many voids that allow water and air to pass through easily.

Pervious Concrete Advantage:

Building owners are realizing better land utilization and LEED credits with pervious concrete parking lots. Pervious concrete applications can be used as an alternative to complex drainage systems and water retention areas.

Pervious Concrete Admixture System from BASF:

To overcome the challenges associated with the production and placement of pervious concrete, BASF, under the Master Builders Solutions brand, has developed a system of admixtures for concrete producers. This innovative combination includes MasterGlenium or high-range water reducers, DELVO hydration control admixture, and a viscosity-modifying admixture MasterMatrix.

The admixture system:

  1. Improves ease of discharge from the truck
  2. Increases working time with improved concrete flow
  3. Overcomes placement challenges
  4. Increases compressive strength and optimizes effective voids
  5. Inhibits paste draindown  

Pervious Concrete Applications:

  • Parking lots
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks/walkways
  • Streets/road shoulders
  • Other light traffic areas