BASF’s innovative admixture solution provides longevity and strength to concrete structures in the GCC region

MasterLife corrosion inhibot admixture durable admixture waterproofing

Written by David Bowerman, MICT, Regional Business Segment Manager, Admixture System and Cement Additives (BASF Construction Chemicals)

BASF a Gobal leader in sustainable chemicals, believes that structural foundations - and the raw materials they are made up of - greatly affect both the lifecycle as well as sustainability of any building. The company provides construction chemicals both globally and in the Middle East region, enhancing urban building standards by providing durability, structural integrrity, and extending life of the building through mitigating damage and wear-and-tear. 


A central component of quality construction process, admixtures are essential to the foundation of modern buildings. BASF has been a recognized leader in this market for almost a century. Over time, the company has innovated its portfolio in keeping with evolving benchmarks of infrastructures and environmental regulations. For instance, the ACI Building Code (ACI 318) outlines various design requirements in products that aim to control corrosion effectivlely. This includes limiting the water-cementicious material ration, providing adequate concrete to cover over reinforcing steel, and limiting the initial chloride ion content of the concrete. To meet these stringent conditions for dense and void-free concrete, BASF introduced its MasterLife CI 222 product - and admixture with advanced, patented corrosion-inhibiting properties - to benefit large scale construction projects in the GCC region. 

Formerly known as Rheocrete 222+, MasterLife CI 222 (renamed for uniformity under Master Builders Solutions portfolio) is a state-of-art organic migratory corrosion inhibiting admixture that has been formulated for steel reinforcements in concrete. it provides two levels of corrosion defense - inhibiting and waterproofing for maximum protection. 

MasterLife CI 222 extends the service life of reinforced concrete by reducing the rate at which chlorides and moisture enter concrete even while increasing sulfate resistance. Combined with pore-blocking waterproofing mechanism, the inhibiting action is at once anodic, reducing the dissolution of iron, and cathodic, acting as a barrier to oxygen. it lines the pores of the concrete matrix to drastically slow down the corrosion process in various types of concrete - including precast / prestressed and post-tensioned applications. 


MasterLife CI 222 can be used in various temperatures and it protects reinforcement from corrosion even in cracked concrete. This easy-to-apply solution does not affect initial slump or workability retention on fresh concrete, nor does it impact setting time. The product follows ASTM G109 and ASTM C494 specification standards, and additionally meets health, safety and environment (HSE) requirements striclty enforced across the range of BASF products and services

The Country Manager Admixture Systems Kuwait, BASF Construction Chemicals, said: Today, we see buildings and HSE regulations in the region becoming more strigent and mature. Given the focus, we must provide quality solutions without compromising on customers' aesthetics demands. At BASF, we also strive to create solutions that are financialy sustainable - providing more ROI in the long-run by reducing the need for updgrades and repairs. 

"The best-in-class admixtures, for instance, are va vital ingredient for concrete producers - and by extension for architects, developers and builders. Admixtures offer reliability, durability, improved resistance against chemical attacks and corossion, and can maintain the performance of concrete in harsh weather conditions. The MasterLife CI 222 is one of the most effective admixtures in the market, as it ihibits corrosion at its most critical points." 

BASF has applied this solutions to various structures including parking garages, bridge decks, marine structures, slabs and floors. In the UAE, BASF has implemented the MasterLife CI 222 in Abu Dhabi's Al Mafraq Hospital. At the hospital, the client required a solution that would protect the structure from ground water and chlorides. BASF addressed this need through administering 380,000 liters of the product in the construction phase. The admixture's combined waterproofing and organic corrosion-inhibiting properties helped consolidate the hospital structure while factoring in long-term environmental safety and sustainability. 

BASF's other popular admixtures include superplasticizer MasterGlenium®m SKY that was used in Burj Khalifa. its properties enabled the concrete to be pumped to a record height of more than 600 meters without segregating. Ensuring low pressure the pumping process, it also eliminated the need for vibration and reduced the heat curing - thereby saving energy over a period of time. Currently under construction in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, The Kingdom Tower is also leveraging this high - value superplasticizing product. 


Under its Master Builders Solutions brand umbrella, BASF brings together its century-long expertise in chemistry through its innovations for new construction, maintenance, repair and renovation of structures. Besides concrete admixtures, the company's product portfolio encompasses solutions for underground construction, cement additives, waterproofing solutions, sealants, repair and protection solutions, performance grouts and flooring and tilling solutions. Further information about BASF's innovative admixtures can be obtained from