MasterBrace CON - Carbon fibre cord for the structural connections of MasterBrace FIB (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) system


MasterBrace CON is a fibre anchor consisting of uni-directional carbon fibres held together with a gauze. It is impregnated with structural resins MasterBrace SAT 4500. 

Where is MasterBrace CON applied?

It is used for the anchoring and transferring of stresses from the reinforcement surface (for eg with MasterBrace FIB) and the reinforced structure

What are the advantages of MasterBrace CON?

  • Extreme light-weight. 

  • Excellent durability towards all aggressive chemicals in concrete such as alkali hydroxide, chlorides and sulphates. 

  • Excellent adhesion to resin or expansive cement substrates 

  • It can be used as a near-surface mounted strengthening system.


MasterBrace CON_TDS

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