MasterBrace FIB - Unidirectional High Strength Fiber Fabrics for the MasterBrace Composite Strengthening System

How does MasterBrace FIB work?

MasterBrace FIB are unidirectional fabric sheets of Aramid, Carbon or Glass Fibres used as a part of MasterBrace Composite Strengthening System.

Why is MasterBrace FIB a unique solution?

  • Increasing the flexural and shear strength of the concrete beams
  • Increasing flexural strength of concrete slabs
  • Increasing compressive strength of concrete columns
  • Enhancement of the ductility of concrete columns
  • Increasing the flexural strength of wooden beams
  • Increasing mechanical strengths of masonry elements. Note: For information regarding aramid or glass fiber fabric for the MasterBrace Composite Strengthening System, please contact your BASF representative.

Where can MasterBrace 2200 be applied ?

  • Light and easy to carry.
  • Easy to cut and re-shape.
  • Easy to design (Unidirectional fibers and similar elasticity modulus with steel).
  • Good fatigue properties.


MasterBrace FIB_TDS

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