MasterCast WP 240 - Water repellent and efflorescence control admixture for manufactured concrete products or cast concrete

What is MasterCast WP 240 used for?

MasterCast WP 240 multi-purpose admixture can be used in a variety of water-repellent and efflorescence control applications. This unique formula is based on a novel chemistry that is different from that of every conventional water repellent admixture in the concrete industry.

With its flexible dosage range, MasterCast WP 240 admixture enables increased production rates of visually appealing manufactured concrete products and precast concrete products that have superior water repellency and secondary efflorescence control properties, increased strength performance, and improved color vibrancy.

MasterCast WP 240 admixture also exhibits excellent wind-driven rain resistance and has achieved the highest rating per ASTM E514.

What are the benefits of MasterCast 240?

  • Unique formulation
  • Contains components that enhance color and reduce efflorescence and staining potential
  • Provides improved material flow and extrusion characteristics
  • Superior water repellency versus conventional water-repellent admixtures
  • Significantly reduces secondary efflorescence (improves primary efflorescence control)
  • Improves color vibrancy and pigment efficiency
  • Increases compressive and flexural strengths
  • Increases production rate
  • Adds visual appeal


MasterCast WP 240_TDS

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