MasterEmaco S 488AMA - Is a two component shrinkage compensated, fiber reinforced, thixotropic repair mortar with antimicrobial properties


MasterEmaco S 488AMA, is a two component cementitious, structural repair mortar. When both components are mixed, it produces a thixotropic, high strength repair mortar, reinforced with acrylic fibres. 

Where is MasterEmaco S 488AMA applied?

  • Repairing honeycomb in the concrete containing MasterLife AMA 100. 
  • All types of structural repair which can be applied by trowel or wet spray.
  • Repair of structural members subjected to repetitive loading.
  • Repairs to reinforced or pre-stressed beams or columns.
  • Protection of concrete subject to attack from water containing chlorides and sulphates etc. 
  • Repairs in industrial areas, especially those containing mineral oils, lubricants.
  • Repairs in marine environments. 
  • Repairs in concrete in contact with sewage. 

What are the advantages of MasterEmaco S 488AMA?

  • Shrinkage compensation - reduces the risk of cracking due to shrinkage and ensures full contact with host concrete and load transfer in structural repair situations.
  • No primer required - allows rapid application at reduced cost.
  • Can be spray applied - rapid application of large quantities.
  • Low rebound - when spray applied rebound is minimal, with subsequent saving in material cost. 
  • Extremely low permeability - gives excellent resistance to attack by aggressive elements.


MasterEmaco S 488AMA_TDS

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