​MasterFlame - Passive Fire Protection System

Fires – and in this respect the experts are unanimous – have increasingly become an incalculable risk.

The MasterFlame Passive Fire Protection System is in the business of saving life. It comprises of a range of products which - in case of an incident – prevent the spread of fire, flame and smoke through creating discrete compartmentalization of buildings and thus fulfil the requirements of up-to-date building codes and fire insurance regulations reliably and consistently.

The MasterFlame Passive Fire Protection System provides a wide range of products for every conceivable application. BASF have been developing for more than 60 years concepts and systems for active as well as for passive fire protection. Our modern production facilities provide for an excellent quality of our innovative and proven products. Of course, our comprehensive MasterFlame Passive fire protection systems are not in a position to prevent all fires but at least they are making our lives significantly safer.

MasterFlame Passive Fire Protection System is approved by Sharjah Civil Defense (SCD) and Dubai Civil Defense (DCD).

MasterFlame Products

MasterFlame B 302

Pre-coated firestop board

MasterFlame C 3000

Firestop coating

MasterFlame C 3000CA

Firestop cable coating

MasterFlame C 3005

Flexible firestop coating

MasterFlame JS 110

Firestop and acoustic sealant

MasterFlame JS 125

Elastomeric firestop sealant

MasterFlame MO 700

Firestop mortar

MasterFlame PC 2350

Firestop pipe collar

MasterFlame PI 2502

Firestop pillow

MasterFlame PW 2252

Firestop pipe wrap

​MasterFlame JS 225

High performance, intumescent, firestop sealant