​MasterFlame C 3000CA - Firestop cable coating

What is MasterFlame C 3000CA?

MasterFlame C 3000CA is a water based ablative coating especially developed for the fire protection of grouped or bundled electrical cables and for cable penetration seals. 

What is MasterFlame C 3000CA used for?

• Prevents flame propagation along vertical and horizontal cable ways.
• Also delays short circuit whereby circuit integrity depends on the distance of the cables from fire and the incurred temperature.

What are the benefits of MasterFlame C 3000CA?

• Does not derate electrical cables
• Totally weather and water resistant
• Has an LOI of 100 which means it does not even burn in a 100% oxygen environment.
• MasterFlame C 3000CA is in no way affecting the human health system. It is non-toxic, solvent-free, phosphate-free and does not contain asbestos or any other substances identified as being carciogenic.
• MasterFlame C 3000CA is practically odorless and does not affect the human skin.


MasterFlame C 3000CA_MS

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MasterFlame C 3000CA_TDS

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