​MasterFlame C 3005 - Flexible firestop coating

What is MasterFlame C 3005?

MasterFlame C 3005 is a water based elastomeric acrylic coating.
MasterFlame C 3005 has excellent firestop, water, air permeability and elastomeric properties offering upto 50% movement.
MasterFlame C 3005 is ideal for spray, trowel, brush & pouring applications and remains flexible to permit thermal and mechanical movement of services and the building structure.
At normal temperatures, MasterFlame C 3005 remains highly flexible. The product is unaffected by oil, fungus and contains no halogens, asbestos and contains low VOC’s.

What is MasterFlame C 3005 used for?

MasterFlame C 3005 has been developed for use on stone wool or elastomeric base. Once the MasterFlame C 3005 is applied it prevents the passage of fire, smoke and sound between fire rated compartments giving a fire resistance tested to EN 1366-4 EI 120.
Can be installed in to voids / cavities up to 500mm wide.

What are the benefits of MasterFlame C 3005?

• Joint movement capability of +/- 50%.
• Dynamic movement testing 500 cycles per 30 minutes.
• Highly flexible and water resistant.
• Halogen free, resists fungi and vermin.
• Can be spray, brush, pour or trowel applied.
• Ideal for slab edge applications, head of wall and movement installations.
• Suitable for voids up to 500mm wide.
• Install on base of 80kg/m³ stone wool.


MasterFlame C 3005_MS

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MasterFlame C 3005_TDS

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