​MasterFlame MO 700 - Firestop mortar

What is MasterFlame MO 700?

MasterFlame MO 700 is a gypsum based mortar, used to reinstate the fire resistance performance of floor constructions where they have been provided with openings for the penetrations of multiple services.
MasterFlame MO 700 is supplied as a dry powder material, and is mixed with water to the required consistency prior to installation.

What is MasterFlame MO 700 used for?

MasterFlame MO 700 is intended for sealing around all types of M&E service penetrations through floors and walls, where a rigid seal is required. The unique MasterFlame MO 700 enables even the most demanding applications to be covered.

What are the benefits of MasterFlame MO 700?

• Fire Integrity up to 4 hours
• Rapid setting, zero shrinkage formulation
• Can be used as pourable or trowel grade, gas tight seals
• Excellent workability ranging from stiff to pourable mix.
• Good load bearing performance in floor apertures. (Consult BASF Technical Team for details).
• Contains no asbestos


MasterFlame MO 700_MS

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MasterFlame MO 700_TDS

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