MasterKure 101W - Acrylic resin water based multi-role curing and sealing compound for concrete

How does MasterKure 101W work?

MasterKure 101 is a solvent free non-degrading, membrane-forming liquid curing compound based on an acrylic resin emulsion suitable for spray application to freshly poured concrete.

Where is MasterKure 101W applied?

As a more effective and economical alternative to separate curing and priming/sealing regimes.
  • Suitable for use on most concrete surfaces.
  • Surfaces subject to certain finishing treatments.
  • Economical enhancement of concrete flatwork.
  • In high-rise construction to eliminate the requirement for water curing.

What are the advantages of MasterKure 101W?

  • Eliminates the need for water curing.
  • Imparts a harder dust free surface.
  • Does not support the growth of bacteria.
  • Non degrading, acts as a primer system.
  • Minimal delay for overcoating etc.
  • Abrasion resistant floors.
  • High curing efficiency.
  • Reduced labour costs.
  • Reduces chloride penetration.


MasterKure 101W_TDS

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