MasterPolyheed 3536 - Next generation superplasticizer for the production of high quality ready-mix concrete with low water cement ratio and enhanced rheology

What is MasterPolyheed 3536?

MasterPolyheed 3536 is part of a range of latest generation superplasticizers formulated from unique polymers manufactured in-house by BASF. It is specially engineered for ready-mix concrete.

MasterPolyheed 3536 is differentiated from conventional superplasticisers, such as those based on sulphonated naphthalene formaldehyde condensate in that it is based on unique polymers with long lateral chains. This greatly improves cement dispersion. At the start of the mixing process the same electrostatic dispersion occurs but the presence of the lateral chains, linked to the polymer backbone, generate a steric hindrance which stabilises the cement particles capacity to separate and disperse.

This mechanism provides flowable concrete with greatly reduced water demand.


MasterPolyheed 3536_TDS

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