MasterPozzolith 390N - A water reducing multi dosage / plasticiser to produce low slump loss flowable concretes

How does MasterPozzolith 390N work?

BASF's MasterPozzolith 390N is a water reducing, plasticising admixture for the production of low slump loss, high workability concrete. MasterPozzolith 390N is formulated for use over a wide dosage range. MasterPozzolith 390N can match the performance characteristics of many superplasticisers at lower dosage and cost.

What makes MasterPozzolith 390N a unique solution?

MasterPozzolith 390N will substantially increase and extend workability of a given water cement ratio. Alternatively, the water cement ratio can be reduced whilst maintaining a given slump. The water reduction capability, slump and extension of workability, increase with dosage. At higher dosage rates, Master Pozzolith 390N will enable water reductions and the production of flowing concrete normally only available from superplasticisers.

Where is MasterPozzolith 390N applied?

  • In areas of congested reinforcement where high workability will ease placement and compaction.
  • Hot weather concreting where extension of workability and controlled delays to initial set are beneficial.
  • To effect reductions in the water cement ratio enabling either higher strength or cement economy.


Job References - MasterPozzolith 390N

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