​MasterRoc CLN 800 - Liquid cleaning agent for agitator barrels and concrete residue

What is MasterRoc CLN 800?

MasterFinish CLN 800 is a ready for use liquid cleaning agent for the agitator barrels of concrete trucks. It has been developed to facilitate cost efficient and safe handling for cement cleaning applications. 
MasterRoc CLN 800 is a unique liquid formulation based on organic salt technology, it performs like a strong acid but is non-corrosive to skin and most metals

What is MasterRoc CLN 800 used for?

• Fast & efficient removal of concrete and all cement based residues.
• Replaces dangerous acids commonly used in the readymix concrete industry with a nonhazardous material.
• Out performs all other “acid replacement” products.
• Very low odour level and non-fuming.
• MasterRoc CLN 800 is 98% less corrosive to steel surfaces when compared with 33% hydrochloric acid.
• Unique detergency properties produce a streak free finish.
• Substantial decrease in cleaning agent induced corrosion.

What are the benefits of MasterRoc CLN 800?

• MasterRoc CLN 800 replaces dangerous hydrochloric and other commercial acidic formulations with a safe alternative.
MasterRoc CLN 800 is designed to remove concrete splash and cement dust residues from vehicles and all other surfaces commonly found in the ready-mix concrete industry, including ready-mix concrete agitators, level screeders and concrete pumps.
• MasterRoc CLN 800 solutions only become active when exposed to the target residue unlike normal acids that release all of their available activity immediately.
• MasterRoc CLN 800 is a concentrated compound and is designed to be diluted with water prior to use.
• The OH&S concerns associated with the use of dangerous acidic formulations are significantly reduced with the use of MasterRoc CLN 800.


MasterRoc CLN 800_TDS

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