MasterRoc DF 880 – Conditioning agent for aggregates and waste water recovered from the excavation phases in TBM Projects

How does MasterRoc DF 880 work?

MasterRoc DF 880 is an admixture designed for the conditioning of aggregates and waste water recovered during excavations using TBMs both with EPB and with hard-rock systems that have been treated with MasterRoc SLF foaming agents or MasterRoc ABR anti-abrasion agents.

What are the unique features of MasterRoc DF 880?

  • Eliminates air generated by the use of chemicals for soil-conditioning for TBM
  • Applicable for both EPB systems and for hard rock TBMs.
  • Improves mechanical strengths of the concrete produced with recovered aggregates.
  • Improves the durability of manufactured concrete.

How does MasterRoc DF 880 benefit customers?

MasterRoc DF 880 will prevent the formation of foam in order to permit the use of aggregate in the production of concrete or handling of waste water through the treatment plant.


MasterRoc DF 880_TDS

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