MasterRoc MP 309 - Low viscosity, fast reacting acrylic resin with high compressive strength for consolidation of sandy and silty strata 


MasterRoc MP 309 is a highly reactive twocomponent acrylic grouting resin with a low viscosity for good penetration. The product cures quickly, forming a hard, compact resin with high compressive strength for ground consolidation.

Where is MasterRoc MP 309, fast reacting acrylic resin, applied?

  • Ground consolidation, especially of silty and sandy soils
  • Slope stabilization in rock 

What are the advantages of MasterRoc MP 309?

  • Hard compact material with high compressive strength            of >9MPa (injected into DIN ISO 196 sand). 
  • Good bond strength to fractured rock, even under wet conditions. 
  • Very low viscosity (close to water), allows deep penetration into very fine cracks and sandy soil. 
  • Develops mechanical strength quickly.
  • Good chemical resistance against acids, bases, solvents, fuels, etc.
  • Environmentally friendly: Harmless in contact with groundwater and no emission of dangerous substances.


Brochure - Underground Injection Materials

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MasterRoc MP 309_TDS

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