MasterRoc TSG 16 - Oil free Tail Sealant for Shielded Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM)

How does MasterRoc TSG 16 work?

MasterRoc TSG 16 is a tail sealant for shielded tunnel boring machines equipped with a brush seal system. It effectively seals together with wire brushes the gap between the shield tail and the concrete segments to prevent the ingress of water, grout and soil.

What are the unique features of MasterRoc TSG 16?

  • Formulated to resist water and grout pressures
  • Special rheological properties for excellent spreading in the sealant chamber

How does MasterRoc TSG 16 benefit customers?

  • Good adhesion to any metal or concrete surfaces
  • Has excellent sealing and pumping properties​


MasterRoc TSG 16: Technical Data Sheet (October2013)

pdf (74.49 Kb)

MasterRoc TSG 16_TDS

pdf (552.35 Kb)