​MasterSeal 700BT - Transparent synthetic membrane of plasticised PVC

What is MasterSeal 700BT?

MasterSeal 700BT is a transparent synthetic membrane of plasticised PVC manufactured by co-extrusion.

What is MasterSeal 700BT used for?

MasterSeal 700BT can be applied in the following circumstances:
  • Below ground Building structures
  • Tunnels
  • Water exclusion and protection of structures

What are the benefits of MasterSeal 700BT?

  • Superior mechanical characteristics
  • Signal layer shows damage and aids visual inspection on-site
  • High mechanical resistance and elasticity
  • Long life expectancy
  • Resistance to wash-out action
  • Resistance to root penetration
  • Resistance to bursting at high water pressure
  • Double weld allows pressure testing of joints
  • May be welded to MasterSeal 950 water stop to compartmentalise the structure
  • Loose laid to act independently of structural movement


MasterSeal 700BT_TDS

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