MasterSeal 721PB - Self-adhesive membrane

What is MasterSeal 721PB?

MasterSeal 721PB is a special SBS- modified self-adhesive protection membrane incorporating a surface reinforcement of tough, heavy-duty spun bond non–woven polyester mat.

MasterSeal 721PB is specially designed for use as protection sheet over other membrane in a wide variety of applications. The bottom surface is covered with siliconized release paper or foil.

The MasterSeal range belongs to the group of membranes produced using a special grade of bitumen modified with virgin SBS polymer. The spun bond polyester is laminated on the selfadhesive compound with the bottom laminated with a release foil.

What is MasterSeal 721PB used for?

MasterSeal 721PB is designed for use as a protection sheet over waterproofing membranes where traditional protection boards
prove difficult to install, such as:
  • Foundations
  • Manholes, pipes and the like
  • Tunnels, trenches and ducts
  • Any structure where shape conformity is important

What are the benefits of MasterSeal 721PB?

  • Ease of application over existing membranes
  • Excellent bond to self-adhesive and torch on membranes with foil finish
  • High tear strength and puncture resistance
  • Conforms to difficult contours and shapes
  • High dimensional stability
  • Resistant to UV and to chemicals found in soil and ground water


MasterSeal 721PB_TDS

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