MasterSeal 740SPF - Spray applied polyurethane foam (SPF) for seamless, high performance thermal insulations

What is MasterSeal 740SPF?

MasterSeal 740SPF is a polyurethane spray foam system (in-situ foam) for the production of rigid foam with closed cells for thermal insulation.

What is MasterSeal 740SPF used for?

  • Thermal insulation layer in building envelope; mainly on roofs, walls or cold stores where a seamless thermal insulation is required
  • Thermal insulation in industrial plants, storage tanks, containers, cargo ships, agricultural storage and all types of buildings.
  • The system can be applied on substrate like metal, plywood and concrete.
  • Suitability must be examined by the user prior to commercial use.

What are the benefits of MasterSeal 740SPF?

  • Maximum thermal insulation – Maximum energy saving due to optimal insulation with no joints or thermal bridges
  • Fast reacting – Rapid installation. Does not run when applied on vertical surfaces.
  • Seamless – No risk of leaky seams and laps.
  • Spray applied - Fast installation on large surfaces, easy application on complex details.
  • Fully bonded – Eliminates water collection behind the foam and offers high wind uplift resistance.
  • High compressive strength – withstand necessary load
  • Quick Refurbishment - Usually no break-up of the old roof surface
  • Environmental friendly


MasterSeal 740SPF_MS

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MasterSeal 740SPF_TDS

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