MasterSeal 754 - Pre-applied FPO waterproofing membrane for below ground concrete structures 


MasterSeal 754 is a pre-applied sheet membrane waterproofing system consisting of highly flexible polyolefin membrane and a designed non-woven fleece. This unique system provides a durable mechanical bond, which is created when the fleece is completely adhered to the fresh concrete. 

Where is MasterSeal 754 Pre-applied FPO waterproofing membrane applied?

  • Below grade concrete slabs 
  • Below grade walls with both single (blindside forming) and double-faced formwork (open cut) 
  • For prefabricated construction 
  • Residential and industrial buildings such as housing, commercial, leisure facilities, manufacturing plants and warehouses 
  • Engineered structures, such as retaining walls, tunnel galleries, potable water tanks, waste water storage treatment structures and tanks

What are the advantages of a waterproofing membrane MasterSeal 754?

  • No need for protection screed. 
  • Provides time and labor saving. 
  • Fast installation: layout, jointing and detailing. 
  • Weather resistant with temporary UV-stability during installation. 
  • No lateral water migration in the event of damage. 
  • Resistant to aggressive mediums in soil. 
  • Crack bridging ability. 
  • Overlapping areas are self-adhesive. 
  • No need for any extra tape to overlap. 
  • High elasticity at low temperatures. 
  • It is resistant to 5 bar water pressure. 
  • High mechanical impact resistance.


MasterSeal 754_MS

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MasterSeal 754_MasterSeal 725HC_MS

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MasterSeal 754_TDS

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