MasterSeal 909 - Re-injectable hose waterstop system for construction and cold joints in concrete

How does MasterSeal 909 work?

MasterSeal 909 is a blue flexible hose made up of a PVC annular core with lateral openings which are covered by neoprene foam strips, all banded by an open webbed nylon mesh. MasterSeal 909 is installed on the face of construction joints prior to casting a second lift or slab against the joint. It is important that MasterSeal 909 is fixed in close contact with concrete.

The MasterSeal 909 re-injectable hose kit consists of the injection hose and vent ends. The vent ends are specially fabricated PVC hoses to withstand injection pressure, in green and transparent colours. The vent ends allow the connection of injection equipment at a later stage and generally project 20 cms out of the concrete surface.

MasterSeal 909 is designed to be used with swelleable MasterSeal 901 injection resin. If injection of the hose is required then MasterSeal 901 resin is pumped along the hose and weeps through the hose lateral holes into the construction joint, after the injection has stopped the neoprene strips act as a valve preventing the backflow of resin from the joint into the hose. The neoprene strips also enable the hose to be flushed with water under vacuum ensuring it can be re-injected at a later date if necessary. The injection and cleaning process can be carried out any number of times.

What is MasterSeal 909 used for?

MasterSeal 909 is designed to replace conventional difficult to cast in extruded PVC and Rubber “tortuous path” waterstops, but only in construction joints where limited movement is expected, it should not be used as a standalone system in expansion joints but may be combined with a cast in centre-bulb waterstop.

MasterSeal 909 is suited to use in the following structures:

  • Water reservoirs / tanks
  • Canals
  • Dams
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Basements

What are the benefits of MasterSeal 909?

MasterSeal 909 offers the following advantages to the user:

  • Eliminates costly design, welding and installation of waterbar.
  • Water cannot penetrate treated joint and rebar, unlike traditional installation where water is in contact with the reinforcement up to the waterbar.
  • The installed system assures a watertight structure.
  • Fast easy installation procedures.
  • Proven and predictable performance.
  • Joints can be tested for water-tightness before backfilling or membrane tanking operations.
  • System enables retro-injection, to stop leaks caused subsequently by settlement or structural movement at the construction joint.
  • Completely maintenance free.
  • Possible to retro-fit when new construction is built against existing structures.​


Job References - MasterSeal 909

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