​MasterSeal M 695 - A highly elastic, ultra-fast curing, cold-spray applied, 100% polyurea waterproof and abrasion
resistant, trafficable membrane

What is MasterSeal M 695?

MasterSeal M 695 is a specially formulated 100% pure, 2 component, polyurea, spray applied membrane system. Especially designed for easy application by cold spray methods, in a wide range of climatic conditions it is not affected by high levels of moisture during the spraying or curing processes.

With a shore D hardness of approximately 40 making it is ideal for light commercial and industrial applications, where abrasion and impact are required.

It is a 100% solids product that contains no VOC`s or solvents. Designed to be sprayed through proprietary low pressure spray machines (contact BASF Technical Department for further information).

MasterSeal M 695 is an economical lining for a wide variety of applications requiring long term protection against abrasion, impact, corrosion and containment.

What is MasterSeal M 695 used for?

  • Low pressure cold-spray applied: an economical alternative to high pressure, hot spray systems 100% pure polyurea technology applied by low pressure cold spray application
  • Applied using special low pressure proportioning, 110 / 240 volt, cold spray application equipment
  • Spray applied – seamless
  • Can build to any thickness in one application
  • Fast reactivity and cure times even in less than ideal climatic conditions
  • Fast return to service time, long life-cycle, maintenance free, significant savings
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Excellent adhesion on concrete, steel, aluminium, wood, foam etc.
  • Can be applied across multiple substrate types in one application
  • Good resistance to most standard chemicals, cleaners, fuels and oils
  • Excellent vibration and noise absorption capabilities
  • High impact & abrasion resistance whilst still maintaining flexibility
  • 100% solids, VOC-free, no solvents
  • Water and weather-proof and saltwater resistant
  • Excellent thermal stability -20°C to 130°C 

What are the benefits of MasterSeal M 695?

  • Roof top waterproofing – green roofs. Wet area waterproofing, box gutters, podium decks, retaining walls
  • Industrial floors, access ramps, service lift floors
  • Water and waste water tank linings
  • Secondary containment linings
  • Infrastructure protection – pylons, power pole bases,
  • Pile cap encapsulation as part of BASF’s integrated basement waterproofing solutions
  • Kitchens, toilets and shower areas in prisons, sport grounds, apartment complexes etc.
  • Internal washable linings for food vans, ambulances, military vehicles
  • Chutes, hoppers and storage bins – sand, gravel and grain
  • Animal enclosures – zoos and parks


MasterSeal M 695_MS

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MasterSeal M 695_TDS

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