​MasterSeal TC 681 - 2K-Polyaspartic top coat, pigmented, glossy, fast and low temperature curing, UV stable, for decks, parking systems, broadcasted and water-feature coatings

What is ​MasterSeal TC 681?

MasterSeal TC 681 is a two component, pigmented, fast and low temperature curing, UVstable, non-yellowing, elastic top coat with glossy finish on broad casted coatings. MasterSeal TC 681 contains solvents.

What is ​MasterSeal TC 681 used for?

MasterSeal TC 681 is primarily intended as the top coat in car park deck applications, pools and water feature applications where its rapid cure, low dirt retention, excellent UV resistance and excellent wear properties can be exploited. MasterSeal TC 681 is used in following systems:
MasterSeal Traffic Systems
MasterSeal Roof Systems
MasterSeal Pool Systems 

What are the benefits of ​MasterSeal TC 681?

• Rapid cure
• Short “ready for traffic” times
• Excellent mechanical properties
• Hard wearing
• Elastic
• Crack bridging
• Excellent UV and weather resistance
• Attractive appearance
• Low dirty retention
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Submerged conditions


MasterSeal TC 681_TDS

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