MasterSeal Traffic 1342 - Polyurethane, waterproofing and protective traffic-deck coating system

What is MasterSeal Traffic 1342​?

MasterSeal Traffic 1342 is a UV stable polyurethane based multi-layered car park decking system for exposed and intermediate traffic decks where crack bridging and waterproofing properties are required.

• MasterTop P 650 - Is a high grade; lowviscosity, two-component epoxy resin primer and substrate sealer

• MasterTop SR 2 or MasterTop SR 3 - A graded, high purity quartz aggregate with a particle size in the range 0.3-0.7mm or 0.3-0.9mm respectively. Used as a multi action: mechanical key, wear enhancer and to provide skid resistance, its use is the means by which thickness is attained with economy for the various wearing conditions such as: in traffic lanes, ramps and turning areas

• MasterSeal M 866 - Is a two component solvent free polyurethane membrane suitable for use in trafficked coating systems that require crack bridging capability

• MasterSeal TC 242 - A two component solventfree polyurethane coating designed for application as an intermediate coat in the MasterSeal Traffic deck systems

• MasterSeal TC 256 - Is a two-component elastomeric pigmented polyurethane coating designed for application as a top coat on traffic deck systems. It has very good chemical, abrasion and UV resistance properties

• MasterTop TC 444 - A tough, surface applied pigmented line marking coating

For specific details and system build-up please refer to the relevant method statement and technical data.


Job References - MasterSeal Traffic 1342

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MasterSeal Traffic 1300 series - Color Chart

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