MasterTile 333 – Premium, water based, non-sheen, penetrating sealer

How does MasterTile 333 work?

MasterTile 333 sealer is a premium, water based, non-sheen, silane-siloxane penetrating sealer.

Solvent-free and formulated to provide water repellency and stain protection and may also be used as a pre-grouting sealer.

What are the unique features of MasterTile 333?

MasterTile 333 has multiple features:

  • High quality sealer for stone, tile and grout
  • Excellent stain resistance
  • Water-based formula
  • For interior and exterior use
  • Colourless, transparent and highly penetrating
  • Reduces negative atmospheric effects
  • Water vapour permeable

What is MasterTile 333 recommended for?

MasterTile 333 is a sealer for all natural stone surfaces, unglazed tile, porcelain, clay pavers, concrete, brick, masonry, and grout.

It is suitable for for interior and exterior use.​​


Job References - MasterTile 333

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