MasterTile WP Tape - Special waterproofing tapes / gasket systems for waterproof corner and perimeter joints, pipe culverts and floor drains


MasterTile WP Tape is a special rubber tape that is designed to reinforce and waterproof joints, corners, covers, angles, changes of plane, pipe penetrations and changes in material, as part of the MasterTile WP 668 waterproofing system.  

Where is MasterTile WP Tape applied?

  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • For walls and floors
  • For wet areas with non pressurised water such as showers, in residential buildings, hotels, old peoples homes and hospitals
  • For permanently wet areas with pressurised water such as swimming pools
  • For embedding in the waterproof coatings MasterTile WP 668, MasterSeal 588
  • For waterproofing according to – ZDB leaflet "Bonded waterproofing", edition 2005. – Building regulation list A part 2 no. 1.10 "Waterproofing substances to be applied in liquid condition directly under tiles.. ." 

What are the advantages of MasterTile WP Tape?

  • Special rubber tape
  • Crack-bridging, high security when cracks in the substrates form at a later stage
  • Waterproof and resistant to frost, all-purpose use indoors and out.
  • Resistant to ageing, insensitive to environmental influences
  • Secure adhesion, bonding with the waterproofing products MasterTile WP 668
  • Resistant to limewater as well as chlorinated water, all-purpose use indoors and out as well as in chlorinated swimming pools


MasterTile WP Tape_TDS

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