MasterTop 1325 - Decorative, seamless, self-smoothing flexible polyurethane flooring system

What is MasterTop 1325?

MasterTop 1325 is decorative, seamless, self-smoothing, flexible polyurethane flooring system designed to produce a comfortable floor with an even satin-matt finish with bacteriostatic properties in accordance with ISO 22196 : 2011

What is MasterTop 1325 used for and where?

It works as a sound deadening, comfortable flooring system where heavy pedestrian traffic is anticipated i.e. corridors, shower and changing facilities, hospitals, cafeterias and canteens, offices, schools, hotels, shops and supermarkets, leisure and health clubs, multi-purpose halls and public areas.


Job References - MasterTop 1325

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MasterTop 1325_TDS

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