Senerflex Classic Finish


The Senerflex Classic Finish is a fFactory-mixed, 100% acrylic polymer finish coat. The Senerflex Classic Finish has a "worm-hole" appearance which is achieved by the random aggregate sizes in the finish. The "worm-hole" look can be circular, random, vertical or horizontal.

What is the Senerflex Classic Finish used for?

The Senerflex Classic Finish provides an aesthetically pleasing surface colour and texture for the Senergy Wall Systems. It can also be utilized as a textured finish for poured concrete or unit masonry, conventional stucco, Senergy Stucco Wall System, Senergy Cement-Board Stucco™, certain insulating concrete forms, and interior veneer plaster or gypsum board (interior application only).


Senerflex Classic Finish_TDS

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