Senergy Reinforcing Mesh


Senergy Reinforcing Mesh is a balanced, open-weave glass, fiber reinforcing mesh, twisted multi-end strands treated for compatibility with Senergy Base Coats. A variety of Reinforcing Mesh types are available to meet the different requirements of impact resistance at specific wall locations. Senergy Reinforcing Mesh conforms to MIL-Y-114OG. Senergy SELF- ADHERING MESH TAPE, in addition to having the same properties as described above, is coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive.

What is Senergy Reinforcement Mesh used for?

For use with all Senerflex Wall Systems and Senturion Wall Systems and Senergy Cement-Board Stucco Systems and for EPS shapes on Senergy Stucco Wall System that use either EPS or polyisocyanurate insulation boards and for use over EPS shapes on all Senergy Wall Systems.


Senergy Reinforcing Mesh_TDS

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