WABODEC P - Pot bearings

How does WABODEC P work?

WABODEC P bearings consist of a steel baseplate housing a ring into which a rubber disc is fitted. The former ring is closed above a steel pressure plate engaging with a slight clearance into the circular baseplate recess. Rubber is retained in all directions and, behaving as an incompressible liquid, affords rotations on all axes.

Where is WABODEC P applied?

WABODEC P steel/PTFE bearings, of the elastomer-based retained disc type are used as structural bearings for bridges since they are designed to support large vertical loads whilst on occasions resist horizontal loading and accomodate movement in a variety of directions.

What are the advantages of WABODEC P?

  • High resistance to horizontal stress 
  • High resistance to dynamic loads 
  • High durability 
  • Reduced maintenance


Expansion Control Systems: WABODEC P

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Wabodec P_TDS

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