Ucrete PRIMER RG - Heavy Duty Polyurethane Primer for Ucrete RG

How does Ucrete PRIMER RG work?

Ucrete PRIMER RG is a solvent free primer based on the Ucrete heavy duty polyurethane resin binder system. It is a thixotropic primer and pore filler for use with Ucrete RG render and coving grade.

What are the main benefits of Ucrete PRIMER RG?

  • Expert installation by fully trained licensed applicators
  • Suitable for application on to 7 day old concrete and 3 day old polymer screeds and renders
  • Suitable for porous and non porous substrates including concrete, brick, exterior grade plywood, mild steel and insulated wall panels
  • Immediate application of Ucrete RG wet in wet for speed of application
  • Long open time
  • High temperature resistance for use in extreme environments


Ucrete PRG_TDS

pdf (175.25 Kb)