MasterEmaco S 466 A cementitious shrinkage compensated, free flowing precision concrete

Formerly: EMACO S66 T

How does MasterEmaco S 466 work?

MasterEmaco S 466 is a pre-packaged blend of Portland cement, carefully graded natural aggregate, specially selected sands, fillers, shrinkage control agents and fluidifiers. MasterEmaco S 466 requires only the on-site addition of water to provide a free flowing concrete, free from segregation and bleeding, ideally suited for placing in nominal thicknesses of 40mm and above.

Once fully hardened the MasterEmaco S 466 has a characteristic compressive strength at 28 days of greater than 65 N/mm2.

What is MasterEmaco S 466 used for?

MasterEmaco S 466 is typically used in the repair and renovation of decayed, defective or damaged concrete elements such as:

  • Columns
  • Walls
  • Beams
  • Decks

MasterEmaco S 466 is designed for use whenever a material is required to reconstruct heavily congested areas and areas with difficult access.

MasterEmaco S 466 is the ideal material for vertical or horizontal structural repairs wherever the use of formwork is preferable to hand or machine applied repair systems. Due to its rheoplastic nature MasterEmaco S 466 can be utilised as a grout and poured under a head of pressure. MasterEmaco S 466 should not be used where the depth of voids to be filled is less than 20mm.

MasterEmaco S 466 may be used as the capping medium in conjunction with MasterSeal 910 in the BASF pile head waterproofing system. For further details of this system, please contact your BASF representative.

What are the benefits of MasterEmaco S 466?

MasterEmaco S 466 offers the following advantages:

  • Its high early and ultimate strength enables formwork to be stripped at an early age thus minimising delays.
  • Guaranteed performance - material is precision blended in the factory to ensure consistent results.
  • Durable - utilisation of low water cement ratio ensures minimum permeability and high durability.
  • Free flowing - eliminates honeycombing in areas of congested reinforcement.
  • Self-compacting - ensures complete filling of spalled/damaged areas.
  • Shrinkage compensated - unique formulation provides dual expansion system in plastic and hardened states.
  • Easy to use - simple on site addition

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