MasterKure 101 Acrylic, water-based, concrete curing compound

Formerly: Masterkure 101

How does MasterKure 101 work?

MasterKure 101 is a solvent-free, acrylic, water-based emulsion, suitable for spray application to freshly poured concrete. The resultant film retains sufficient moisture in the concrete to maximise the hydration of the cement; essential for optimum strength development. Membrane-cured concrete is typically harder and exhibits a dust-free surface with a reduced incidence of drying shrinkage cracks.

What is MasterKure 101 used for?

MasterKure 101 is a more effective and economical alternative to hessian, water or polythene curing regimes and is suitable for use on all concrete surfaces.

What are the benefits of MasterKure 101?

MasterKure 101 offers the following advantages:

  • Eliminates the need for water curing
  • Single application
  • Reduces drying shrinkage and improves the durability of the concrete.
  • High curing efficiency
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Water-based

MasterKure 101

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Brochure - Admixtures Systems : MasterKure 101

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Brochure - Solutions for the pre-cast industry: MasterKure 101

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