MasterProtect 200 Flexible, decorative waterproof & protective coating for external concrete & masonry surfaces

Formerly: Masterseal 200H

How does MasterProtect 200 work?

MasterProtect 200 is a single component, flexible, elastomeric coating based on acrylic co-polymers. The coating enables long term protection of concrete & masonry from aggressive atmospheric gases such as, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and chloride ions & prevents water ingress.

MasterProtect 200 is available in standard pastel colours. It can be made available in custom colours subject to prior agreement.

What is MasterProtect 200 used for?

MasterProtect 200 is recommended for external protection of concrete to prevent ingress of atmospheric corrosive gases, wind driven rain, and water borne chlorides.

Applications include protection of:

RCC Frame structures with masonry infill

Residential & Commercial Buildings

Multi storey car parks & podiums

Overhead water tanks.

Industrial buildings and power plants.

MasterProtect 200 is not recommended for application in areas likely to be submerged in water and on floors subjected to traffic.

What are the benefits of MasterProtect 200?

MasterProtect 200 offers the following advantages:

It resists water ingress and permeable to water vapour – suitable for splashes and wind driven rain

Low dirt pick up, and resistance to the growth of fungus – suitable for the tropics


Good resistance to CO2 & SO2 diffusion – suitable for urban environments.

UV resistance – suitable for external applications.

Robust - Washable coating with excellent durability

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