MasterRoc® MP 350 – One component water sealing injection resin for cracks and fissures in concrete and rock

Formerly: MEYCO MP 350

How does MasterRoc MP 350 work?

MasterRoc MP 350 is a single component hydrophilic polyurethane based water sealing injection resin. It is specifically designed for the permanent crack sealing of concrete and rock in underground structures and the sealing of minor water ingress. It can be injected as a simple resin but also has a faster reaction option for flowing water by adding a small quantity of the MasterRoc MP 350 accelerator.

What are the unique features of MasterRoc MP 350?

  • Permanent and flexible sealing effect
  • Foams upon contact with water
  • Reacts in moist and wet surroundings

How does MasterRoc MP 350 benefit customers?

  • Forms a closed cellular material giving an impermeable high resilience seal against water ingress
  • Penetration of fissures smaller than 0.05
  • Good bonding to wet surfaces

MasterRoc ABR 7

MasterRoc ACP 127

MasterRoc ACP 211

MasterRoc AGA 41

MasterRoc BSG 1

MasterRoc EPB 11

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Brochure - Injection: MasterRoc® MP 350

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Brochure - Metro

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Brochure - Solutions for Road and Rail: MasterRoc® MP 350

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Brochure - TBM: MasterRoc® MP 350

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Brochure Ground Construction Solutions: MasterRoc® MP 350

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