MasterTile 30 A cementitious polymer modified adhesive for non-vitrified, vitrified tiles, glass and porcelain mosaic tiles

Formerly: MASTERTILE 30

How does MasterTile 30 work?

MasterTile 30 is a blend of Portland cement, and graded sand, reinforced with a high organic

polymer content. The polymers ensure that adequate adhesion is achieved even in difficult conditions such as immersed applications. The product is pre-bagged as a single component requiring only the addition of water and mixing to make it ready for use.

MasterTile 30 meets the classification requirements ANSI A 118.1. When combined with MasterTile A 200 the products meets the requirments of ANSI A118.4.

What is MasterTile 30 used for?

MasterTile 30 is designed for use both indoors and outdoors and may be applied as a thin bed adhesive on walls; and a thin to thick bed adhesive on floors. MasterTile 30 is suitable for use with low porosity tiles such as vitrified tiles porcelain tiles and will also work with ceramic tiles.

MasterTile 30 is compatible with many backgrounds such as: cement screeds, ground anhydrite and and/or gypsum based floating screeds, renders, concrete, heated screeds, plasterboards, gypsum fibreboards, plaster slabs and plaster.

MasterTile 30 may be used for swimming pools and all wet process applications including: abattoirs, shower rooms, institutional kitchens, bathrooms, and decorative, high risk cladding.

Used in conjunction with MasterTile RSG 705, the system is suitable for use where moderate chemical resistance or a high standard of hygienic quality is essential.

For extreme conditions such as vibration or temperature extremes MasterTile 30 can be mixed with MasterTile A 200 instead of water.

What are the benefits of MasterTile 30?

MasterTile 30 offers the following advantages:

  • Excellent rheological properties ensure high productivity and help reduce the risk of re-work due to poor workmanship on site.
  • MasterTile 30 meets the requirements of ANSI 118.1 and ANSI 118.4 and when correctly specified it will perform under very arduous conditions.

MasterTile 30

MasterTile RSG 705

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