MasterTop 1326 A decorative comfort polyurethane flooring system

Formerly: Mastertop 1326

How does MasterTop 1326 work?

MasterTop 1326 is a multi-layer decorative polyurethane flooring finish that is designed for use where a seamless, low VOC, colourful, UV resistant and comfortable floor finish is required.

MasterTop 1326 is normally applied in three layers; a primer, body coat and topcoat, an optional scratch primer may be applied as well. To meet the surface finish requirements of different applications there are three different top coat options available: smooth matt, matt anti-slip and a smooth matt anti-bacterial finish. These top coat options are named as follows:

MasterTop 1326 – A low emission matt finish

MasterTop 1326 R – A low emission matt anti-slip finish

MasterTop 1326 AB – A matt anti-bacterial finish

The total applied thickness of the above MastetTop 1326 systems is between 2.0 – 2.5mm.

What is MasterTop 1326 used for?

MasterTop 1326 should be used anywhere a UV-stable, decorative indoor floor available in a range of brilliant colours for different decorative effects is required: for example offices, exhibition halls, playgrounds, shops, hospitals, schools, and cafeterias.

The crack-bridging properties of MasterTop 1326 make it an obvious choice for any seamless floor applied onto concrete.

MasterTop 1326 R should be used in areas where an increased slip resistance is required; typically light use kitchens, toilets, bathrooms, stairways and ramps.

MasterTop 1326 AB is intended for use in areas where the highest hygienic standards are essential; for example hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

What are the benefits of MasterTop 1326?

MasterTop 1326 offers the following advantages:

An extensive range of colours.

It is easy to apply and large areas of floor can be covered quickly.

The flexible nature of the product enables it to cover up cracks and maintain an excellent bond with the substrate.

MasterTop 1326 is UV resistant and is colourfast and has a long serviceable life.

The tight surface structure does not allow the accumulation of microbes and the product is easily cleaned to create a hygienic environment.

Provides a high level of walking comfort and absorbs sound.

The product is solvent free and is suitable for use in applications requiring a low VOC content.

High mechanical resistance.

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