MasterTop 500 Mortar bonding agent for bonded screeds and cementitious mortars.

Formerly: Mastertop 500

How does MasterTop 500 work?

MasterTop 500 is a mortar bonding agent for bonding screeds and cementitious mortars. It is contains a blend of special cements and additives that promote adhesion of subsequent cementitious applications on existing hardened concrete surfaces. The level of adhesion achieved is generally enough to resist de-bonding of the layer due to drying shrinkage or thermally induced stresses.

What is MasterTop 500 used for?

MasterTop 500 is recommended for:

Indoor and outdoor use

For walls and floors

Bonding agent for repair mortar, ready-to-mix mortar for fast-track screeds, drain and screed-mortar and sand-cement mortar

Bonding agent for the installation of fast setting screeds based on binder as well as for conventional cement screeds.

Bonding agent for the production of bonded coverings in industrial and commercial areas and also for sloping screeds on balconies and terraces.

Bonding agent for natural stone insensitive to staining and non-translucent.

What are the benefits of MasterTop 500?

MasterTop 500 offers the following advantages

Highly secure bonding. Following the appropriate preparation of the substrate, a powerful bond is formed between the cement-based substrate and the conventional cement screeds.

Waterproof and frost resistant, suitable for universal internal and external use.

A one component product that requires only the addition of water and mixing.

Sufficient open time to allow the application of subsequent layers in a controlled manner.

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