MasterTop DTZ Highly decorative seamless epoxy terrazzo floor system


How does MasterTop DTZ work?

MasterTop DTZ is a seamless decorative flooring system combining durable pigmented epoxy resin with synthetic and natural aggregates which may include marble, coloured and clear glass, Mother of Pearl and acrylic chips, to produce a durable yet highly decorative flooring system. Divider strips of aluminium, zinc or brass can be used to separate different coloured finishes and to form part of the finished floor.

The MasterTop DTZ system is pre-blended and trowel laid, then ground and polished to reveal the natural beauty of the aggregate surrounded by the gloss pigmented background.

MasterTop DTZ has been tested in accordance with NTMA guidelines.

What is MasterTop DTZ used for?

MasterTop DTZ is a bespoke flooring system and is suited to a wide variety of applications including:






Government Buildings

Public Buildings

Shopping Centres

Airport Terminals

Hotel Receptions

What are the benefits of MasterTop DTZ?

MasterTop DTZ offers the following advantages to the end user:

Seamless finish

Easily cleaned

Highly decorative

Enhanced anti-slip properties

Light-weight, little or no structural weight loading implications

Solvent-free low odour

Chemically resistant to spillage most household liquids.

High abrasion resistance

High strength

Low maintenance

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