Landsea cooperates with BASF to create haze-free kindergartens

BASF Landsea China 

Wuhan, China – April 26, 2017 – Today, BASF and Landsea, the green properties developer, announced the completion of a kindergarten renovation project in Wuhan under the joint initiative “Green Bud Action”. Thanks to this project, children in kindergartens can enjoy fresher indoor air, avoid haze and oxygen deficiency.

Green Bud Action aims to give children a “breathing kindergarten” with completely fresh air. Since November 16, 2016, ten kindergartens located in ten cities including Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Wuhan, Hangzhou and Chengdu, etc., have been selected for renovation. Through this project, the schools’ facilities will be upgraded for better environmental performance, and a healthier lifestyle and greener construction techniques will be promoted. Renovation projects in Tianjin, Beijing, Hangzhou are also currently underway.

Shuguang Kindergarten, which was founded in 1952, located on Yongqing Road, Jiang’an District and adjacent to Liberation Park, is among the first schools to complete the renovation. With an excellent green environment, it is the largest comprehensive boarding kindergarten with day care services in Wuhan.

As China’s leading green technology properties developer, Landsea provided Shuguang Kindergarten with integrated system solutions including the achievements of haze removal rate of 95 percent, and Finland GB S1 Grade Formaldehyde Control Standard, etc. The renovation also improved the systematic control of indoor VOCs (volatile organic compounds) to ensure excellent indoor air quality in the kindergarten.

“As an international developer and service provider with environmentally-friendly and vertical integrated professionalism, Landsea is committed to building houses with green technologies, and the central ventilation system applied to its green-tech residential projects can filter particulate matter with a diameter of less than 2.5µm effectively. With the innovative combination of electronic purification and physical filtration, Landsea’s latest product has increased the PM2.5 filtration rate up to 95 percent,” said Xie Yuanjian, CTO of Landsea.

BASF provided child-friendly paint for the project at Shuguang Kindergarten. This product was designed specifically for children’s rooms, representing the latest achievements in environmentally-friendly coatings; no detectable VOCs, methanol or heavy metal pollutants and also without APEOs (alkylphenol ethoxylates). In addition, it has passed the highest grade of film mold-resistance testing and has strong stain and scratch resistance.

“As a world leading chemical company and supplier of construction chemicals, BASF is committed to the strategic partnership with Landsea and to supporting education in China. ‘Green Bud Action’, one of the many sustainable housing projects we operate together with Landsea in China, covers kindergartens across the country. The high performance and environmentally-friendly interior wall coating from BASF provides children with a safe environment to learn and play in,” says Dr. Yang Jianying, General Manager, Construction Chemicals, Greater China, BASF.

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