​BASF introduces new MasterTop XTC solution that makes floor installation faster and more durable

BASF has launched the next generation of high-performance flooring systems, MasterTop XTC, for the construction industry. Formulated with the innovative XolutecTM technology, an inorganic modified high-density cross- linking resin polymer, MasterTop XTC provides an easy-to-clean seamless floor surface with exceptional resistance to abrasion and impact.

MasterTop XTC provides an easy-to-clean seamless floor surface with exceptional resistance to abrasion and impact

With unique features such as being odorless, self-smoothing and with a faster return to service, MasterTop XTC is an environmentally and user-friendly flooring solution that greatly improves the overall installation process. 

“We are committed to enhancing our users’ experience and helping them meet the stringent performance requirements of the flooring systems, especially in the pharmaceutical and automotive industries. MasterTop XTC is a breakthrough in the flooring industry as it provides extraordinary ease of use and cost reduction in floor installation”, said Nilotpol Kar, Head of Regional Business Segment, BASF Construction Chemicals Asia Pacific. “Powered with Xolutec Technology, MasterTop XTC outperforms conventional flooring systems, such as epoxy, in many ways with better mechanical properties, longer service life, and reduced downtime.”

Xolutec is the result of several years of development to take a step forward from the current PU and PUA materials. It helps solve the problems of using concrete and steel in challenging technical environments, such as wastewater treatment plants and industrial flooring. The Xolutec technology optimizes the intermolecular interactions between the resin building blocks and creates an enhanced cross-linked polymer network (XPN), enabling unique material properties for multiple solutions that help reduce life cycle costs through longer maintenance cycles.

MasterTop XTC can be installed for both new floors and existing floors that require refurbishment. It offers protection from mechanical abuse and aggressive chemical attacks and returns to service quickly. MasterTop XTC was recently launched in India and has been applied in the 30,000 square meters maintenance hangar at the new Beijing Daxing International Airport in September 2019.