New Master X-Seed® 100J helps precasters accelerate production processes

  • Unique hardening accelerator for improved productivity
  • Lower energy consumption and smaller carbon footprint
  • Enriches concrete surfaces and quality​

Tokyo, Japan - 14th April 2014 - BASF today launched Master X-Seed®100J, a unique hardening accelerator that helps to speed up concrete hardening significantly at early ages (6-12 hours), for the construction industry in Japan. It delivers cast process at least twice as fast at low, ambient and heat curing t​emperatures in a considerably more efficient way. Master X-Seed 100J is customized for local precast concrete industry.

This innovation was enabled by the global BASF research and development capacities, with proven performance in several European markets.

Kouzoh Kubota, Director, Construction Chemicals, BASF Japan Ltd, said, "I'm confident that Master X-Seed 100J is the solution to meet today's industry challenges such as labor shortage and the increasing demand for more efficient processes. We support the concrete industry by offering solutions to enable production with lower energy consumption."

In contrast to traditional acceleration methods such as heat application, Master X-Seed utilizes the natural hydration effects of cement to accelerate hardening. It avoids adding heat to accelerate the hardening process and thus optimizes production processes with lower energy input, as well as a smaller carbon footprint. With a faster hardening process, the user benefits from a quicker production cycle and thus achieves a higher workload for the molds which offers attractive overall cost saving potential.

Master X-Seed 100J seeds crystalline Calcium Silicate Hydrate (C-S-H) nanoparticles to accelerate the hydration of the cement. These hydrates not only grow on the surface of the cement particles, but also in between them to enable early strength development and hardening. It increases the early strength of concrete even when mixed with slag and fly ash. The use of Master X-Seed and these supplementary cementious materials allows use of recycled materials, less consumption of raw materials and energy, and lower emission of greenhouse gases.

In addition, the concrete microstructure and porosity are improved to yield a more attractive surface and high quality concrete product.

Please visit our web site and watch the video of the hardening acceleration mechanism of Master X-Seed.