BASF PETRONAS Chemical Plant

Protection for wastewater treatment facilities against harsh environments

BASF Petronas Chemical Plant

Location: Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia

Market sector: Wastewaste treatment

Product used: 

  • MasterSeal 7000 CR

  • MasterEmaco S 5400

BASF Petronas Chemical Sdn Bhd commissioned an upgrading project in 2017, to upgrade the infrastructures and carry out imporvement works for the utilitlies in their chemical plant. 

A major part of the upgrading works involved the expansion and upgrading to the wasterwater treatment plant wherein 7 new concrete wastewater tanks for chemical reaction, sedimentation, aeration, sludge thicker, filtrate sump were constructed and waterproofed with protective coating. 

Existing wasterwater treatment concrete tanks were constructed with a waterproofing and protective coating system that were both time cosuming and complicated as the application involved many materials and processes. Updraing works are required to  complete in 4 months time, thus a new and efficient coating material is necessary.

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BASF Petronas Chemical Plant

Application of MasterSeal 7000 CR for the sedimentation tank