​Gosowong Gold Mine Project

Improvement on sprayed concrete for ground support


  • MasterGlenium SKY 8770
  • MasterRoc HCA 10
  • MasterRoc MS 610
  • MasterRoc TCC 735
  • MasterRoc SA 167

Gosowong gold project has two main underground mines: Kencana and Toguraci. Conditions in the mines vary significantly throughout the underground workings. Kencana underground has zones of very soft and fractured rock with potential for high deformation rates and drive squeezing. Toguraci underground generally has a more competent rock mass although the deeper parts of the mine experience high substrate temperatures associated with geothermal conditions (substrate surface temperature 60-70º C). Previously, the normal sprayed concrete mix design could not achieve 32 Mpa at 28 days or 1 Mpa in 1 hour as required by the design specifications due to the heat and application issues. BASF were engaged to undertake a technical review of the shotcrete mix compatibility in conjunction with the raw materials and underground environmental conditions.

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