​The Master Nun Chand Khonnokyoong Centennial Memorial Building

Location: Pathumthani, Thailand

Market sector: Mixed-use development

Product used:

  • MasterGlenium ACE 8320 

The Master Nun Chand Khonnokyoong Centennial Memorial Building is built to commemorate the 100th birthday anniversary of the late Meditation Master, Nun Chand Khonookyoong, a revered figure in Thai Buddhism.

Situated in the Dhammakaya Temple, the building will house a school for Pali and Dhamma studies, two high-capacity meditation rooms, an auditorium with 2,000 seats, a museum, a research library, as well as exhibition halls, studios and offices. Once built, the building is meant to be a global venue for Buddhist practitioners and academics to research, collaborate, and exchange ideas.

The building’s exterior surface features an orb-shaped structure that symbolizes the sun and the process of attaining inner enlightenment. However, constructing the structure was a challenging task – it required a complex concrete casting process, especially with the nod mold. At the same time, the building’s concrete surface also needs to be smooth without visible finishing effects.

MasterGlenium ACE 8320 superplasticizer were used to cast the heavily reinforced nod. Concrete mix with this admixture has greater workability compared to normal mix and it also helps to reduce the concrete’s porosity, thus improving on its durability. This then allowed the orb-shaped exterior structure to have a high-quality finish without segregation or concrete bleeding.

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