​Sainj Hydroelectric Power Plant

World record for long distance concrete pumping to 2.432 km

Location: Himachal Pradesh, India

Market sector: Energy

Product used:


  • MasterGlenium SKY 8787


Sainj Hydroelectric Project is a run of the river project on Sainj River in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh, India. The project comprised of a diversion barrage, intake arrangement for drawing 35.88 cumecs of water, two underground de-silting chambers, a 6,300 m long, 3.85 m diameter modified horse-shoe shaped Head Race Tunnel (HRT), an underground restricted orifice-type 9 m diameter and 87 m high surge shaft, a 2.75 m diameter 550 m long steel lined pressure shaft, two Pelton vertical axis turbines, each generating 50 MW power located in an underground power house.

BASF India has been commissioned by HCC to supply concrete admixtures for the construction of the HRT.

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Sainj hydroelectric power plant

Image: Head Race tunnel of 100 MW Sainj Hydrpelectric Power Plant