MasterAir 303A

MasterAir 303A is an ultra stable air entraining admixture for use in all types of concrete. MasterAir 303A has been formulated to meet and exceed the requirements of ASTM C260 and relative specifications.

Recommended Uses:

  • low slump concrete
  • flowable concrete
  • high temperature concrete
  • concrete with extended working times
  • lightweight and prestressed concrete
  • for imparting workability to lean harsh mixes
  • to reduced bleeding caused by grading deficiencies in the concrete materials
  • increasing the entrained air content of concrete with air entraining Portland cements

Entrainment of optimum air content in concrete by MasterAir 303A contributes to the following improvements in concrete qualities:

  • Good cohesion – Reduces segregation and bleeding
  • Improved ability to entrain and retain air in concrete – increases resistance to damage from freezing and thawing.


MasterAir 303A Technical Data Sheet

pdf (192.46 Kb)