​​MasterBrace ADH 1441 - Epoxy bonding adhesive for segmental construction and old to old concrete bonding

How does MasterBrace ADH 1441 work?

MasterBrace ADH 1441 is an epoxy bonding system consisting of two grades for unse in two different ranges of concrete surface temperature.

  • MasterBrace ADH 1441S for 25°C to 40°C
  • MasterBrace ADH 1441W for 4°C to 30°C

Recommended for bonding two rigid elements exposed to sustained loads especially at the bond line, such as:

  • Bonding precast segments in bridges & viaducts
  • Bonding external steel reinforcing plates for strengthening beams, columns and slabs
  • Bonding external Carbon laminates for strengthening beams, columns and slabs
  • Anchoring bolts, dowels, steel bars in concrete
  • Bonding the ends of concrete or metal pipes used to transport water or sewage

What makes MasterBrace ADH 1441 a unique solution?

MasterBrace ADH 1441 helps to control open time at elevated temperatures thus makes construction process simpler.

How can you benefit from MasterBrace ADH 1441?

  • Structural adhesive - Effective transfer of stresses at bond interface
  • No creep - even at high service temperatures and under constant load
  • Seals - Provides watertight seal to the joint
  • Non sag - No loss of bond due to sagging of bond film
  • High bond strengths - Good bond to damp surfaces
  • Long open time even as high temperatures -Sufficient open time for alignment and bonding of elements
  • Excellent squeezability - for effective spread & contact


MasterBrace ADH 1441: Technical Data Sheet

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