​MasterCem AE 5300 - High performance cement additive to increase air content in masonry cement

How does MasterCem AE 5300 works?

MasterCem AE 5300 is an aqueous solution of anionic and non-ionic surfactants, specially formulated to provide superior workability and placeability of the Masonry cement.

MasterCem AE 5300 is compatible with all types of cement. It complies with ASTM C465-99 has a nonharmful processing additive.

Fields of Application

  • Masonry Cement

For additional information on MasterCem AE 5300 and its use in developing special performance characteristics, contact your local BASF Sales field representative.

How can you benefit from MasterCem AE 5300?

MasterCem AE 5300 is specially developed with the most active surfactants and effective bonding agent that increase the formation of bubbles in the cement mortar and provide excellent surfaces bonding between the cement mortar and the dry/damp concrete. These double actions improve the Masonry cement workability and placeability significantly.

MasterCem AE 5300 contributes the following benefits to cement manufacturers

  • Increased entrained air in Masonry cements

  • Improved workability of cement paste

  • Improved the plastering characteristics of cement paste

  • Improved cohesion, reduced segregation and bleeding of cement paste

  • Provided closed textured surface, dense and uniform cement paste


MasterCEM AE 5300: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (110.79 Kb)